Monday, August 10, 2015

Be Stunning with Gucci Envy Me: A Fascinating Discounted Fragrance

There is no doubt that every woman deserves the most unique master piece of fragrance to conjure up the utmost of their personality. Gucci Envy Me has now come to every woman in the world who seeks the love poison to elevate their charm and beauty. Unlike any other high-class brand, Gucci has chosen to make stunning discount fragrance available to every woman at a very affordable price. One thing that every woman does not need to worry about is that they will always have the liberty to be whatever they want to be. Gucci Envy Me is definitely what you need.

This special product, Gucci Envy Me, has now appeared after seven years ever since the first launch of Envy. This particular fragrance is specially created for the special egocentric and bold young lady. What is great about Gucci Envy Me, apart of being offered as discounted fragrance, is that the composition denotes fruity-floral annexed with musky and fresh accords. There is also a sense of spicy nuance of litchi as well as pomegranate, a harmony of musk and sensual woods, the freshness of jasmine, and the freshness of water. Gucci Envy Me has a the top notes which are pick pepper and pink peony, peach, pepper,  mango, pomegranate and pineapple, the heart sparks litchi. Also, you may notice that the base follows with white tea, sandalwood, white mush, and teakwood. This particular perfume was designed by Karine Dubreuil in the early of 2004. As the tag it has, Gucci Envy Me offers specially discounted fragrance at varied prices, which are definitely affordable. First off, you can get Gucci Envy Me 3.3 oz (100 ml) which is priced at 48.5 dollars. The other variety you can get is Gucci Envy Me, Perfume for Women 3.4 oz at 48.74 dollars. Thirdly, if you want to be different, you can try Gucci Envy Me for Women 3.3 3.4 100 ml Eau De Toilette, priced at only 48.99 dollars.